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Cheerful smiles and happy faces greet you the moment you step into YMCA @ One Orchard. Complete with high walls and sleek lighting, the welcoming atmosphere and delightful service make it a pleasure for the weary traveller to check-in, especially after a long flight.

Fresh sheets, white towels and pristine rooms await you at YMCA @ One Orchard. Where possible, clear windows make the most of Singapore’s sunny skies. And if you have a room on a high floor you may find yourself breathing in an excellent view of the surrounding area.


Travel Guide

As our many guests can attest, we are very centrally located for just about anything you might want to do during your trip. Here are a few of the country’s more well-known attractions that are a stone’s throw to a short trip away.

  • ION Sky

    Located on levels 55 and 56 and at an impressive 218 metres, ION Sky is the new focal point of the city. A must-visit destination offering an unrivalled 360-degree view from the highest point on Orchard Road, it houses an observatory, event space, and the Salt grill & sky bar. 

    While taking in the spectacular panorama in the observatory, learn interesting facts about clouds and the weather and experience the surrounding landscape through the Behold™ telescope. An augmented reality device, the Behold™ telescope not only allows you to view the current surrounding landscape, but also uses state-of-the-art technology to bring the heritage of the areas to life, embodying ION Orchard’s intent to be a key landmark that bridges the past and the future.

  • Fort Canning Park

    Tucked away behind YMCA @ One Orchard is Fort Canning Park. Overlooking Orchard Road, it is a historical centre, a venue for performances and concerts and a perfect spot for the nature lover. With plenty of dining options, such as Italian restaurant Gattopardo, as well as heritage trails, like the 14th and 19th century walking trails, you can spend hours roaming around Fort Canning Park. It is a good choice for a romantic spot, or if you’re looking for some exercise.

  • Little India

    A few train stops away, Little India is one of the most vibrant and culturally authentic districts of Singapore. Take in the sights, sounds and scents as you immerse yourself in an authentic Indian experience. Its charm lies in the fact that many of olden-day trades can still be found by its roadsides, alleys and back lanes. Fortune-tellers and their parrots, flower vendors selling garlands of jasmine, kachang puteh (roasted nuts) sellers on pushcarts and street-side newspaper vendors are just some of the interesting sights to be found.

  • Chinatown

    Just up the North-East line from where we are located, Chinatown is a bustling, colourful mix of old and new, from family-run goldsmiths and medicine halls, to textile stores and dim sum restaurants. Popular bakeries like Tong Heng Oriental Pastry on South Bridge Road, tea houses like Kwong Chen on Sago Street, hawker stalls, as well as stylish bars along Club Street, are also housed in this precinct, making Chinatown a well-balanced heartland.

  • Esplanade Theatres on the Bay

    Theatres on the Bay is without a doubt, Singapore's most exciting performance arts venue to date. Located at the waterfront overlooking Marina Bay, the complex with its distinctive dome-shaped roofs and boasts a concert hall, theatre, recital and theatre studios, a wide gallery space and an auditorium. Surrounding it is The Esplanade Mall that includes the library@esplanade, making Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, one gigantic cultural landmark.

  • National Museum of Singapore

    Just next door to the YMCA @ One Orchard, The National Museum stands out as an architectural gem in the crown of Singapore’s museums. Built in 1887, the neo-classical building sits in the heart of the city as the country’s largest museum. It is the custodian of Singapore’s 11 National Treasures, which includes the Singapore Stone, believes to date back to at least the 13th century. Alongside the remarkable historical-based galleries, look out for the four Living Gallaries detailing culture through the prisms of fashion, photography, food, film and wayang (puppet theatre).

  • Asian Civilisations Museum

    The Asian Civilisations Museum houses 10 thematic galleries showcasing over 1,500 artefacts spanning five millennia of Asian cultures. Children, families and adults alike will enjoy the multiple ExplorAsian Zones and interactive spaces within the galleries that give a different perspective of the many civilisations and cultures that have shaped Asia with its many grand and specially curated exhibitions.

  • Singapore River Cruise

    The Singapore River Cruise begins where Sir Stamford Raffles first stepped foot on Singapore, along the northern bank of the Singapore River. It then travels along the different quays of Singapore, namely, Boat Quay, Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay, as well as Marina Bay.

    It showcases the contrast between the rich old-world architecture of the quays and the modern skyscrapers in the central business district. The shophouses along the river have been beautifully restored, and now house chic dining and entertainment spots which will come alive after the sun sets.

  • Chijmes

    Chijmes (pronounced “chimes”) is a Neo-Classical style building which houses some of Singapore’s most exciting dining and entertainment venues. Chijmes began as the Caldwell House – the residential home of a Senior Magistrate’s clerk. Later, it housed the nuns’ sanctuary and Mother Superior’s house before expanding into two more buildings – the Orphanage and a Gothic-style chapel with beautiful stained glass windows.

    Currently home to a slew of boutiques, restaurants and bars, Chijmes is one of the most well-known lifestyle enclaves in Singapore, and is the perfect chill-out destination with joints like Harry’s Bar and Insomnia for ample drinks and entertaining live music

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